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 Come and join in with our New Year Challenge!

Are you always meaning to make some sustainable changes but don’t know where to start, or life just gets in the way and they never happen? We are exactly the same! Especially once babies, routines, school runs and work are added into the mix!

Join in with our 2020 Sustainability challenge. 20 simple and small swaps that can make a big difference but are achievable for bush parents (or anyone) with busy lives. 
Follow us @petitspaladins to see how we are getting on with our own swaps and let us know which ones you decide to try and how easy/hard you are finding them by tagging us @petitspaladins or use #20smallswaps 

Every little swap counts and some things are definitely easier to maintain than others but I’m excited to finally get round to a lot of changes I have been meaning to make.
Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good, give something a go and see if it works for you!

Will you accept the challenge .... 

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