< Don't let perfect be the enemy of good

Don't let perfect be the enemy of good

In my head I still like to envision how I will be as a grown up. Wandering around my impossibly chic home, probably in equally chic lounge wear. My hair will be in a kind of French girl cool slightly undone bun, and even without make up my skin will still look naturally fresh and shiny. While drinking a hot coffee, my children will be skipping around playing nicely together with wooden (and educational) toys. 

Hmmmm…..The harsh reality is two children and one career in, my hair is in a permanent bun that looks more Peru two than French girl cool. My clothes are often covered in some random bits of chewed up oat cake. I have left the house for the school run twice this week forgetting to put make up on (less “how shiny and fresh faced you are” and more “are you feeling ok?”) and the amount of plastic toys in my house is out of control. 

Sidenote: drinking a coffee hot is a luxury best kept for when my children are asleep.

How did this happen? My intention was there. I wanted to only buy nice looking eco toys, stick to the old adage of less is more but alas the plastic toy bomb went off at home in a stealth attack. Somewhere between working, the school run and trying my bestall the intention just gave way to survival mode, and a hell of a lot of magazine tat.

The name Petits Paladins means "Little fighter for a cause".......well at least it does to us ....please excuse our probably imperfect french. We wanted to start this brand as the destination you can trust to source ethically sound products for your baby, children and family. We are learning as we go and wanted to add this blog to the shop because we are not claiming to be 100% perfect or saying that you should be. 

We want to say that we are in it with you, attempting to make small everyday changes that added together can make a difference. We aim to find environmentally and socially responsibly toys and household goods that are useful for parents and that our kids will still love to play with. I’m not about to deny my children all toys of their choosing, or make Barbie homelessbut perhaps we could make a better decision about her dream house (which let’s face it Barbara doesn’t really need a lift as an alternative to one set of stairs).

Follow this blog to find out more about the brand, for our adventures/attempts at sustainable family living, finding those five minutes of me-time and maybe the odd recipe if it isn’t rejected by the mini half of our households.



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