< Want 25% off your next order with #Circletime

Want 25% off your next order with #Circletime

We have been thinking long and hard about how to introduce a more circular system to our baby store. Our end goal is to buy back previously bought goods that your child has grown out of, or stopped playing with and recirculate within a curated preloved section BUT as we are just beginning, we need to give all these little ones some time to actually grow out of the items you have purchased..... good things come to those who wait hey!

Whilst we are waiting, we want to introduce “#Circletime” 

To encourage a more circular system, if you can prove (in 3 easy steps) you have recently donated children's clothes or toys to a charity store, we will send you a special code for 25% off your next purchase – it’s a simple as that!

We want the proof to be fun and easy so simply:

  • Choose what old baby clothes, or toys, you want to donate to a charity shop
  • Take a photo of your donation in action
  • Post it on Instagram and tag @petitspaladins and use the hashtag #Circletime


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