< 5 Top Tips For Easy Weaning!


5 Top Tips For Easy Weaning!

Weaning can be stressful and messy. I found it a huge help to be able to meet up with friends and let all the babies eat together...so another parental milestone affected by the lockdown. 

And we thought we would share our Top 5 tips from our own weaning journeys.


1. Food is for Fun 

Don't worry if your baby spends most of their time playing, learning different food texture is really important. 



2. Start with bitter green veg

Save the sweet stuff for later after they have gotten a taste for vegetables. 



3. How much are they eating each week

Don’t worry about each meal but try to think about how much food they have had over the week as a whole.


4. Let your baby use a spoon from the start

They won’t be able to use it yet but you’ll be surprised how quickly they can


5. Embrace the mess!

One day they will be tidy it’s just not going to be for a long long time.



Stay at Home and Stay Safe


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